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 How Battles Work

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PostSubject: How Battles Work   Fri Sep 19, 2008 12:32 pm

Battling is one of the key features on this game, read the basic rules before you read this thread.

Once you have pokemon you may battle in the battle arena, gyms, elite four, or against one of the legends (soon to come). Here is how the battle works.

Te person you are challenging will show his pokemon, their levels, and how much HP they have. One of the admins will supervise the battle if it is a gym battle and give you your status. After every few pokemon or so, depending on the level your pokemon will gain levels. This is how it will work.

Turn 1: Level 100 Millenium Attacks with Water Gun
Damage: Calculated damage on level 100 charizard is 56 damage.
Charizard has 239 hp left
Millenium has 430 hp left

Turn 2: Charizard Attacks with Flamethrower
Damage: Calculated damage on Level 100 Millenium is 42 damage.
Charizard has 239 hp left
Millenium has 382 hp left

and so on.

In Wild Battles it will work a little differently since you have the chance to catch pokemon

Turn 1: Wild Lvl 3 Pidgey Uses Gust
Damage: Calulated Damage on Lvl 6 Bulbasaur is 8
Pidgey has 2 hp left
Bulbasaur has 20 hp left

Trainer (whatever your name is) uses (whatever ball you use, im just gonna demonstrate with pokeball) Pokeball.
Normal Pokeball Catch Rate 4/10
Pidgey Catch Rate at 2 hp 10/10

Congradulations Pidgey Was Caught
Pidgey will now be sent to your (party if you have less than 6 pokemon, or box if you have 6 pokemon in your party.

That is how wild battles work.

Future Battle Challenges will be explained later
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How Battles Work
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